客户/品牌: 哲耳兔咖啡Lop Rabbit Coffee
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哲耳兔咖啡(Lop Rabbit Coffee)源于加拿大,由加拿大哲耳兔咖啡有限公司与四川哲米国际贸易有限公司联合出品。 哲米国际致力于打造中国高端礼品品牌,我们精选全世界品质一流的产品,联手国内外顶尖的产品策划、设计师与制作商,秉持“分享世界精品”的理念,全心为您提供国际化的高端礼品生活体验。

Lop Rabbit Coffee is from Canada, produced by Lop Rabbit Coffee Corporation  (Canada) and Sichuan ZM International trade Co., Ltd.ZM International is dedicated to create an extraordinary brand in China gift industry, searching for the world’s great and high quality products, developing longterm, personal relationships with the peoples who are the leading products designers and producers in the industry. ZM International very proud to present to you the unique gift experience.